GURPS Ultra-Lite (Polish Edition)

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2-page PDF


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It's the power of GURPS in a tiny package! We took the essence of the core GURPS rules and distilled it down to one page! Just print GURPS Ultra-Lite and fold it into a booklet (instructions included). With these rules and three dice, you have a small package for big RPG fun. Play GURPS on road trips. Use one as a bookmark. Print bunches and give them out as Halloween goodies. The possibilities are endless!

Now, this cute idea is a work in progress. The eagle-eyed among you might notice that we've marked it as "Version 0.8." That's because it hasn't been fully playtested. So if you have a comment to offer, we'd love to hear it; just head over to the Steve Jackson Games Forums and share your thoughts.

This Polish version of GURPS Ultra-Lite was created by Marek Lukasiewicz.