Transhuman Space: The Pyramid Personnel

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Six wild and weird Transhuman Space NPCs, ready to use in adventures!

Back in the day, Steve Jackson Games published volume 2 of Pyramid magazine in Web-based form. These six characters featured there at different times over the years, but since the demise of that version of Pyramid, they've not been available to the public. This book brings them back, lightly revised and updated to GURPS Fourth Edition where necessary and with new illustrations, some of them generated appropriately enough by AI.

In 2100 AD, heroes may have to hire themselves out as bodyguards to a flamboyant entrepreneur, suffer the sociopathic pranks of a rogue AI, protect a brilliant teen poet from herself, probe the mysteries of robots with too much personality, or brush off the attentions of a wandering idiot with more tech than sense. This book details all these characters, along with their AI aides and sidekicks, and provides scenario ideas for each of them.

Welcome back to the future!

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