Transhuman Space: Personnel Files 5 — School Days 2100

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Transhuman Space presents a rich and varied background that is excellent for near-now science-fiction gaming. But it's so rich in detail that it can be difficult to know what to do with it. That's where Personnel Files come in handy.

Transhuman Space: Personnel Files 5 School Days 2100 presents a group of teenagers struggling to survive in the runaway near-future of Transhuman Space. Can they deal with the complexities of living in a corrupt and bustling free city, the pains of growing up, or the horrors of . . . class field trips?!

This book gives details on five 75-point teens and their AI assistants, along with notes on their personalities and family backgrounds. It also describes the area where they live the free city of Königsberg-Kaliningrad, a bustling and slightly dubious city-state on the border between the E.U. and Russia. It's a city with enough mysteries and strangeness to keep a bunch of nosy teenagers occupied full time which keeps their minds off the annoyance of having to put up with each other. You also get campaign advice, a sample scenario, and additional adventure seeds, making it a ready-to-run campaign that will satisfy even a group of "been-there, done-that" future-now pre-adults!

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Written by Phil Masters