Transhuman Space Classic: Personnel Files

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Softcover: 64 B&W pages.
PDF: 67 pages.


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2100 A.D.: Heroes Wanted?

The universe of Transhuman Space is vast, and cool, and challenging. Complete your party with these ready-to-go characters fit to adventure there.

There's a detective agency with an unusual boss and even stranger legmen: a pack of high-tech newshounds for whom no story is too dangerous; a crew of orbital debris-recovery specialists; and a security team who can take on almost any threat. Any of them can serve as instant PCs, useful allies, or formidable adversaries.

Personnel Files has heroes and villains at a range of point totals . . . bioroids, humans, and an assortment of Programmed Allies – the infomorphs and cybershells without which any 2100 adventurer is worse than naked.

Trouble in 2100? These people know where to look for it, and what to do when they find it.

Warning: The current print run of this title has a known problem with the quality of the binding. Please be aware that is it possible that some or all of the pages may become loose or even detach from the book.

Written by Phil Masters