Transhuman Space Classic: High Frontier

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"One giant leap for mankind . . ."

In the year 2100, Earth-Lunar space is the most densely populated area of the solar system outside Earth itself. Come visit:

  • Earth orbit, buzzing with busy space factories, bustling spaceports, under the watchful eye of rival orbital weapons platforms. But the biggest danger is not the threat of war but the ravages of 150 years of space junk, moving at 25,000 miles per hour!
  • Lagrange 4, where giant cities in space glitter like jewels in the night, presided over by the massive O'Neill colony Islandia.
  • Lagrange 5, the ghetto of the solar system, colonized by dreamers, ideologues, and undercapitalized entrepreneurs. Sometimes a dream and a prayer aren't enough.
  • The Moon. We're back, and this time with bulldozers. Luna is the solar system's industrial park, with Helium-3 mines that feed the fusion reactors on Earth, and more cybershell robots than people. But it's not all machines: the north and south poles are home to the pleasure domes of Moonshadow and thriving transhumanist Luna City. And on Luna's farside, a massive telescope array unravels the mysteries of the cosmos . . .

(Note that this is a digital reprint of a product based on GURPS Third Edition rules.)

Written by James Maliszewski / Phil Masters / Jon F. Zeigler / John Snead / Dawn Elliott