Transhuman Space Classic: Fifth Wave

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The Third Wave was information. The Fourth Wave was biotech. The Fifth Wave is a combination of nanotechnology, memetics, and artificial intelligence, and it's changing mankind more than the first four waves put together.

Transhuman Space: Fifth Wave is an overview of our home planet at the end of the 21st century. Most humans (and other sapient life) still live on Earth, doing business, raising families, and fighting wars just as they have always done. Humanity and its partners may be scattering into deep space, but Earth is still the center of the human universe . . . crowded, busy, fast-moving, and still picking up speed.

Fifth Wave includes new racial packages, plus rules for cutting-edge technology: virtuality nodes, software for network intrusion and defense, and various land, sea, and air vehicles of interest to adventurers.

Welcome home. It's different here.

(Note that this is a digital reprint of a product based on GURPS Third Edition rules.)

Written by Jon F. Zeigler