Transhuman Space Classic: Deep Beyond

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The Edge of Nowhere

The Deep Beyond is the solar system's final frontier. A vast zone stretching from the asteroid belt to the edge of interstellar space, its siren call has drawn researchers, pioneers, visionaries – and outlaws. Deep Beyond includes:

  • Expanded descriptions of the asteroids, gas giants, moons, and comets of the outer system. Visit the gas mines of Saturn and Europa's icy oceans!
  • What it's like to grow up in the Deep Beyond . . . as a Duncanite parahuman, a sapient AI, or even an enslaved bioroid.
  • Dozens of organizations, from the rebel ghosts of Axon to the cyber-soldiers of the 82nd Spaceborne.
  • New character types, from judges-for-hire to Jump RATS and Swarmdozers.
  • New vehicles and technologies: ice-hulled Gypsy Angel spacecraft, portable lasers, prospector swarms – even the black-hole power plant.

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Written by David L. Pulver