Transhuman Space Classic: Broken Dreams

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147-page PDF


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Stay and Fight . . .

On Earth in 2100, some are reaching for the stars . . . but others struggle just to survive. Much of the home world remains mired in war and intrigue, as powerful corporations and high-tech armies fight over resources, markets, and ideas. Cities on the edge of chaos are battlegrounds for covert operations and high-stakes diplomacy, and the developing nations see themselves falling further and further behind.

Nations trapped in poverty, environmental disaster areas, and hellholes run by insane dictators . . . high-tech terrorism, rebellion, and crime, and rules for creating biological and chemical weapons . . . dangerous genetic designs, obsolete cybertechnology, and police-state software . . . all part of daily life in Broken Dreams.

(Note that this is an digital reprint of a product based on GURPS Third Edition rules.)

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Written by Jamais Cascio