Tower of the Moon

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The wolf-cult of the moon-goddess Lukariel Sherikira held sway in the Barony; with the Tower of the Moon their high holy temple. After a night of screams and horror, the tower – and its rumored riches – stood abandoned. The locals all know the way to the Tower. They also know to avoid it. Rumors of trouble coming from the tower spread through the local village of Waldrand. An important person is missing, her last known destination, the Tower of the Moon. Can you find her? Is it already too late? Who will unlock the secrets of the lost cult of Lukariel Sherikira? The adventure includes

  • Suggestions on where to place Waldrand and the Tower so it blends into your campaign

  • Just enough background to inform the scenario and give the characters some hooks

  • Rumors both true and wildly exaggerated

  • Detailed maps of the tower, both in isometric view and top-down melee-scale hex size

  • A room-by room adventure

This is a classic side-quest horror adventure; it makes a fantastic diversion as part of any longer journey, or a one-shot. And Halloween is coming . . .

The Tower of the Moon adventure was first published by Night Owl Games for Swords and Wizardry, but was substantially rewritten to be compatible with The Fantasy Trip.

Featuring art by Billy Blue, maps by Thomas Denmark, and writing by David Pulver, author of . . . a whole lot of great stuff for TFT.

Written by David L. Pulver