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During Tooniversal Tours' nine-stop journey, you'll travel through danger, drama, adventure and – most of all – comedy! Lose yourself in nine riotous parodies of the most popular roleplaying and science-fiction genres. It's all here in the Tooniversal Tour Guide!

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  • Atomic Monster Theater – Where giant creatures like Squidzilla and Clamera rise from the ocean depths, and only you can stop them!
  • Dungeons and Toons – Loot dungeons! Slay dragons! Escape with as many Lead Pieces as you can carry! Isn't this what roleplaying is all about?
  • Crawl of Catchoolu – Watch your insanity slip away as you battle the Elderly Gods and their minions.
  • CarToon Wars – Where the right of way goes to the biggest pies! You can arm your car to the teeth, load up on cream pies, and blast, boggle, and bamboozle your friends to bits.
  • Toonpunk 2020½ – Slot into cyberspace to raid the gloomy Corp systems. Or Cruise the streets with the Toonpunks of Blight City – but watch out for the Serious Police!
  • Star Toon, Supertoon, Mektoon, and more!
  • Also included in your tour package – new rules, shticks, record sheets, silly tables, and other Toon lunacy . . .

NOTE: This PDF is a scanned copy of the last printed edition of Tooniversal Tour Guide. No changes or updates from that edition were made, but we have appended all known errata to the end of the document.

Written by Doc Cross