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Let's Get Silly!

Toon is a different roleplaying game. Remember those great Saturday morning cartoons? Now they're back – and you're the star!

Toon lets you be a rabbit, duck, mouse, moose, woodpecker, wombat, crocodile, caveman . . . whatever you want.

In Toon, anything can happen, and nobody ever gets killed. Been punched? Blown up? Steamrollered? Don't worry – you'll bounce back in the next scene, ready for more!

This book includes quick, simple rules, plenty of silly charts and tables, and lots of cartoon adventures – a joker's dozen! This edition of Toon includes all the material from the original version, plus everything from Toon Silly Stuff, Son of Toon, and Toon Strikes Again – and lots of brand-new material, including two new Feature Films!

Ready to get silly? Get in Toon!

NOTE: This PDF is a scanned copy of the last printed edition of Toon. No changes or updates from that edition were made, but we have appended all known errata to the end of the document.

Written by Warren Spector / Greg Costikyan