To Serve and Protect (3rd Edition)

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For years, they have traveled the globe, battling villains, helping victims of natural disasters, and making the world safe for mankind. They are role models for the children, symbols of hope for the oppressed, and champions for justice. They have earned the world's faith and trust, for they are superheroes, and they have always been there to serve and protect. But what would happen if these powerful heroes suddenly turned evil? What if they chose to use their mighty abilities to condemn the world rather than protect it? Would anyone be safe from their wrath?

To Serve and Protect is a multi-part adventure scenario for Champions that pits your heroes against the might Protectors, a team of renegade crime-fighters who threaten the entire planet. Included are complete descriptions of the experienced superhero team along with maps and statistics for their floating Citadel headquarters and their flying transport, the Skycruiser. Also Included are detailed notes for their Super Agency, Protectors, Inc. And to top it off, we've included a powerful new villainess, rising out of ancient legends to execute her deadly judgment upon mankind. The world is trembling with dread. People are fleeing from the streets as their termer defenders stalk the city with a thirst for blood. Terrified voices cry out everywhere for someone to rescue them. Who will protect us from the Protectors?????

Written by Scott F. Heine