The Olympians (4th Edition)

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The Olympians is a complete history of the Olympian gods, from their extra-dimensional origins to their re-emergence on twentieth century Earth. Also Included are a god template and full write-ups (which include Powers, Characteristics, Disadvantages, background, tactics, and current activities) for each major god. Less important gods receive shorter write-ups, and some are merely described. Although this organization book is designed to introduce the gods of ancient Greek mythology into a GM's campaign, it can be used in a number of different ways. While the GM can choose to accept the book as it's written, taking it in its entirety, they might merely allow certain aspects, perhaps constraining the gods to Olympus. Another interesting possibility is a campaign with player-controlled gods. The gods in this book are extremely powerful; any single god is a match for several standard superheroes. This conforms to the treatment of the gods in comic books; any time that the gods are involved in an adventure the stakes are accordingly high.

Written by Kurt Dershem