The Island of Dr. Destroyer (1st Edition)




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Begin Transmission: "UNTIL command, UNTIL command, this is Agent Zed reporting. I've penetrated Dr. Destroyer's island base. It's incredible. He's got missiles, guns, hovercraft there must be two hundred mercenaries here armed with automatic weapons. There's supervillains on the island, too. I've seen at least three. Those stolen rocket parts I traced – he's built an enormous nuclear rocket, and he's planning to launch any time. The hypno-ray satellite he's got in it will enable him to rule the world! We've got to stop him! Send in a full assault team. The entrance is – wait a minute, I hear a noise." Static. End Transmission.

The Island of Dr. Destroyer is an adventure designed for use with Champions. The adventure may be used for up to six superheroes at a time. The adventure consists of full maps of the island, and thorough descriptions of the defenses of the island. Included is the supervillain Dr. Destroyer and recommendations for the choice of his assistant villains. Also in this volume are suggestions on altering the adventure to fit your personal taste.

Written by Steve Peterson / George MacDonald