The Hero System Bestiary (3rd Edition)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of animals, courtesy of Hero Games. "Why animals?", you may ask, if you are not one of the many GMs and players who have requested-even demanded-this supplement. The answer is that there are numerous ways in which our fellow creatures may add to a good game scenario. Animals add to the background detail; appropriate creatures can contribute inestimably to the flavor of a scenario. The lost valley that the Justice, Inc. explorers have slogged through the jungle for weeks to discover would hardly be worth the trip without a few prehistoric monsters to marvel at. A Fantasy Hero campaign milieu without its dragons or unicorns is almost unthinkable. That winged snake on the other side of the interdimensional portal is a quick and easy way to inform the Champions superhero that he or she has taken a wrong turn. To the Danger International hero, the African savanna would look much like any other plain without its lions, zebras and giraffes; the kangaroo practically is Australia. Even the California Imperial Valley wouldn't be quite the same without the horses and cows in the fields.

Written by Michael J. Susko Jr.