The Greek Gods

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The gods of the Greeks have long been a popular addition to many fantasy campaign worlds. The Greek Gods presents the most popular gods of the Greeks, providing additional information on their interactions with the other powers, their avatars that roam the various Prime Material Planes, and their most powerful artifacts.

In addition, authors Steven Creech and Kevin Ruesch have provided d20 statistics for the heroes of the mythos, a new half-god template, new domains and spells, and a new prestige class: Hera's Hunters (a class that specializes in hunting down godlings).

46 pages; Edited by Steven Schend; Full-color artwork by Aaron D. Siddal. Two versions are included (one with borders and one without) for ease of printing. $5.99.

What the Reviewers Say . . .

"If you're looking for some nice crunchy bits to throw in your campaign, this book more than fits the bill. It includes several items not done up in Deities & Demigods like the heroes, monsters, and magic items, and provides alternative information to some of the core Greek Gods. The fact that it's full color is an added bonus." --Joe Kushner@The Open Gaming Exchange

 Written by Steve Creech / Kevin Ruesch