The Golden Age of Champions (3rd Edition)




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It is a time of great social and political upheaval. America has finally pulled out of the Great Depression while Europe, North Africa, most of Asia, and the Pacific are in the grip of global warfare. The Nazis' Blitzkrieg thunders into Russia, their Luftwaffe rains destruction on England, and their Kriegsmarine begins to threaten Atlantic shipping. The forces of the Nipponese Empire dominate eastern Asia and the Pacific. Suddenly, Pearl Harbor is attacked, and America gears up for war.

In the midst of this maelstrom, the first comic book superheroes came to life, many of whom are still popular. A large number of the heroes and the adventures of the years 1938 to 1945 were influenced by the greatest event of that time, the second World War. Histories of comic books mark these years as the "Golden Age."

Written by Chris Cloutier