The Coriolis Effect (3rd Edition)

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Our story is born of the ancient battle between Dr. Arcane and the evil sorceress known as Ch'andarra. A generation later, two offspring of this conflict continue the struggle. Donnah Hanna has become the air-creature Coriolis. Andrea Crusoe is the powerful and despicable Black Enchantress—what is the secret that intertwines their fate? Can your heroes contain the devastating effects of Coriolis' fury? Will Coriolis and the Black Enchantress survive these adventures to continue their titanic battle?

The Coriolis Effect provides your players with a series of linked adventures revolving around a brave new NPC. But that's not all. The Coriolis Effect tells a complete story and develops supporting characters in the finest tradition of the modern comic book. Ever wonder how to inject the feel of a multi-part epic into your campaign? Looking for ways to make characters rather than events the focus of your adventures? Look no more!

Written by Dennis Mallonee