The Blood and Dr. McQuark (3rd Edition)

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So, you've saved 15 Experience Points and need Supercar to help carry on your war against crime. What do you do now? Where do you go? Dr. McQuark's Superhero Supply & Gymnasium, of course. The Doctor and his friendly, efficient staff have been serving the superhero community for nearly 10 years. They build gadgets and do repairs of all kinds, and provide quality research and training facilities at bargain prices. Come in and browse (by appointment only). All sales and contracts are strictly confidential.

This Super Source Book contains two complete super organizations, high-tech hardware, detailed base diagrams, full backgrounds for all important characters, and exciting adventures. It includes everything you need to run these organizations in your Champions campaign.

Special bonus: Advanced rules for generating Blood player-characters!

Written by Aaron Allston / Patrick E. Bradley