The Avatar of Manoto - aka All About Warrior Priests

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The news has swept clear across the world, the war god Manoto has fathered a child, an avatar exiting in the mortal world. What this means for the world as a whole is unknown, but clearly, we are living in interesting times!

What is even more important is that warrior priests from around the world are flocking to the site to find out more about the avatar and what he might bring. But who are these warrior priests? What are their motives? More importantly, how do you play one?

Welcome to Build Your Fantasy World in Small Bites, or Small Bites for short. Our goal is to take a subject, whether an archetype, a monster class, or some other FRPG theme and bring you as much content about it as we can. But this isn’t a simple one-shot supplement. We want to get you involved in the process - giving us the themes you want most, the articles you like the best, and the feedback we need to make you happy.

Please – take a look at what we’re doing here. We know that veteran players and game masters alike are going to find things they can use, and ideas to spark their characters, campaigns and game worlds! You’ve got nothing to lose!

This supplement contains:

  • 40 pages of content
  • 13 game world posts
  • 7 blog-style posts on the theme and gaming in general
  • and 20 additional articles focused on Warrior Priests and other important related FRPG topics

Written by John Josten