Suppressed Transmission

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Of Course You Know About the Suppressed Transmission . . .

Of course. But do you know about the Philadelphia Experiment, the Antarctic Space Nazis, the Ancient Astronauts, the Great Pole Shift, and the Esoteric Truths encoded in Shakespeare's plays? Kenneth Hite does.

"Suppressed Transmission" was the wildly popular column of conspiratorial musings and High Weirdness, appearing in the weekly HTML version of Pyramid magazine. This anthology of the first year of "Suppressed Transmission" contains 34* of those original columns and more, including annotations, "stuff Ken left out," and an extensive bibliography. This book is required reading for anyone interested in the Secret History of our world . . . or any other. Read it soon, before it too becomes a Suppressed Transmission.

* 34, of course, is (2*3*5)+(2-3+5). Fnord

Written by Kenneth Hite