Star Hero (3rd Edition)

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The spaceship hurtles down through the atmosphere and plows into the ground. It skids roughly along, screeching to a halt with the sound of tearing metal. Searias, the pilot, exits the Starswan to survey the damage. As she walks back to the tail of the ship, something touches her leg. Searias jumps back from a slimy, amoeboid-like creature. The creature oozes forward, molding from its body one, two, then three eyeballs to dully observe the human.

Welcome to the universe of Star Hero. Star Hero is a science fiction roleplaying game. It contains rules for space travel, starship combat, building aliens and their societies, and futuristic devices. This is just one in a series of Hero System games. It is fully compatible with Champions, Fantasy Hero, Robot Warriors, Justice Inc., and Danger International.

Written by Paula Woods / Sam Bowne