Star Fleet Universe Coloring Book #3: More Starships

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Our fans have continued to ask for even more line art of ships. In the Star Fleet Universe Coloring Book #3 we present Kzinti, Lyran, Hydran, and Orion ships! The drawings range from fairly simple to more complex, so there is something for every skill level.

Kzinti: Battlecruiser, Dreadnought, Medium cruiser, Light cruiser, Destroyers, Frigates, and Transport tug. There is also a Kzinti fighter.

Lyran: Lion-class dreadnought, Hellcat-class battlecruiser, Tiger-class heavy cruiser, Panther-class light cruiser, Jaguar-class war cruiser, Leopard-class destroyer, Alleycat-class war destroyer, and Cheetah-class frigate. There is also a copy of a Klingon fighter that the Lyrans built and used for themselves. The Lyran ships have a circle for their county’s emblem, leaving you to pick from the 21 included emblems and draw them in – or invent your own!

Hydran: Paladin dreadnought, Heavy cruisers, Medium cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, Monarch battleship, a Ranger Cruiser launching fighters, and fighters.

Orion Pirates: Raider Cruiser, Light Raider, Salvage Cruiser, OK6 Heavy Cruiser, Double Raider, and Slaver Cargo Ship. Feel free to go crazy on these – pirates don’t really have an “official” paint scheme for their ships.

The book includes a sample ship from each empire showing the “official” colors you would expect to see. However, you can color your ships to be anything you want. Since it is a PDF, you can try anything you want, and then start over if you don’t like it.