Star Fleet Times #31-#35

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  • #31: Sigvirions (another Omega Sector race); Tournament Rules Test; Jindarian and Vudar tactics.
  • #32: Iridani Fighters (see issue #24), combo-hulled Lyran ships (Arctic Lion CW, Limping Cat CA, Manchurian Tiger CV, Battlecat DD, Housecat HDW), light dreadnoughts (Klingon, Kzinti).
  • #33: Heavy dreadnoughts (Fed, Rom, Gorn), weird General War ships (Fed Turret Cruiser, Klingon E3X, Romulan Sniper Frigate, Gorn Bubble Dreadnought, Qari Multi-Turret Cruiser).
  • #34: Three playtest scenarios (Gorn-ISC, Orion-Andro, Fed-Rom Q-ship), obscure old Rom variants (Battle Eagle CVM, BH-B DDL, King Falcon heavy mauler, Screech Owl HSC, Snipe-C FFL).
  • #35: The Souldra, a new race for the Omega Sector (complete rules included).

Written by Stephen Cole