Star Fleet Times #21-#25

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  • #21: Vudar Special Part 2: Ion Cannons, IPG, rules update, 6 more Vudar ships.
  • #22: Federation Stealth Fighters, Andromedan conjectural PFs.
  • #23: Product update, Weird DNs (Fed Diplomatic DN, Klingon C9J, Kzinti Escort DN, Gorn Commando DN, Lyran Dreadnought Tug).
  • #24: The Iridani, a new (real) SFB race for the Omega Project!
  • #25: Tournament Update, including 10 official sanctioned tournament ships fully updated. The weakest ships (TKE, TKR, Seltorian) have been improved with extra phasers!

Written by Stephen Cole