Star Fleet Marines: Counter-Strike

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Star Fleet Marines: Counter-Strike has empire-specific counters for the Interstellar Concordium, Orion Pirates, Hydrans, Andromedans, Lyrans, and WYNs. Each empire gets 140 counters for a total of 840 counters. These will be the first Interstellar Concordium, Orion Pirate, Andromedan, and WYN counters for this game system.

On close inspection, you will find that while the types of counters are the same for each empire, the art for the counters is empire-specific. For example, the Orions have "acquired" vehicles from nearly all the empires. These traditional-style counters are designed to be easily distinguishable on the modern-style maps that Star Fleet Marines contains.

You will need Star Fleet Marines: Assault or Star Fleet Marines: Last Stand to use these counters, although they can be used on any map you wish.

These color counters are only available as a PDF.