Star Fleet: Galactic Conquest (Fifth Edition)

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Admiral, the Federation has promised us a dreadnought-led fleet to help us beat off the Gorn-Romulan Coalition. Where do you wish the Federation ships to go? Remember, we don’t want them to see that new planet we are developing on their border!

The newly updated Fifth Edition of the most famous campaign rules in the Star Fleet Universe. Use these rules in the official campaigns or to build your own campaign. Includes everything! Conquest, exploration, alliances, diplomacy, construction, technology development, ships, bases, and a thousand more things.

This campaign system is designed to use with Star Fleet Battles (it might work with other game systems if you go to some effort) and assumes you either create your own map or use the map provided by the campaign gamemasters. This new edition includes an extensive index, making it easy to track down exactly what you want to know.

Written by John D. Berg