Star Fleet Battles: Tholian Master Starship Book

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"Cadets, if a collar is added to the Neo-Tholian dreadnought, how do we identify the ship? No one knows except Cadet Granger? Very well, Cadet Granger."

"If a Neo-Tholian dreadnought has a collar, then it is a Neo-Tholian heavy dreadnought."

"Quite correct, Cadet Granger. The rest of you, study up on the collars by reading your copy of the Tholian Master Starship Book. Dismissed!"

The ninth volume in the long-anticipated Master Starship Book series is now available. It includes every Tholian and Neo-Tholian ship in Star Fleet Battles, including X-ships and general units that are specific to the Tholian Holdfast. There is also information about the Tholians during the Early Years period when they first arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Every ship is illustrated. All updates, corrections, and errata have been added. The ships are in order (regardless of the product they came from) with the enhanced format listing detailed information in a consistent manner.

This book contains the descriptions of the ships, but no SSDs.