Star Fleet Battles Pocket Edition

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The game that launched an entire universe!

Originally published at Origins in 1979, this little pocket game was to prove to be one of the longest running in the history of the industry. Copies of this pocket game rarely show up on auction sites and routinely bring more than $100. Now, you can complete your collection for a very modest cost.

This is a scan of an original printing. We actually blew the original 5.5" × 8.5" pages up to 8.5" × 11" to make the original tiny 7-point print easier to read.

This includes the complete game, with the original rules, the eight original Ship System Displays (some of which had shaded boxes so they could function as two different ships), the original charts, and a scan of the original counters.

We did not include the map, but it's just a blank hex map and we've all got at least one of those anyway.

We even included the original advertising from the inside covers!

Complete your Star Fleet Battles collection now with the original pocket game!

Written by Stephen Cole