Star Fleet Battles: Playtest Module E4 - The Peladine Republic

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Within the Lyran Far Stars Duchy is one of the also-rans of history: the Peladine Republic. Just as they were about to expand from their home system, the Lyrans conquered them. While they never became a power, their ships and technology were entered into the Lyran databases and used to train Lyran naval officers how to deal with the unexpected: in this case, ships armed not just with drones, but with plasma torpedoes which were immune to ESGs. This playtest pack presents the Peladine Republic, making them available for testing under the Star Fleet Battles game system.

Included here are SSDs for 64 ships, from the police corvette to the battleship and four advanced technology ships. Conversion data for all generic units (starbases, monitors, etc.) are provided. Also provided are fast patrol ships, interceptors, fighters, and bombers to fully integrate the Peladine Republic as a campaign-capable empire. Also included are a complete set of annexes, all in a 110-page book.

This is a playtest product; the empire needs testing. Reports should be sent to ADB, Inc. at, for use in developing a formal product. Some "art" is not included in this playtest package.

Written by Steven P. Petrick