Star Fleet Battles: Playtest Module E3 - The Borak Star League Rulebook

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Module E3: The Borak Star League playtest prototype. The Borak Star League existed beyond Hydran space and was conquered by the Hydrans in the Early Years.

The Hydrans later used the existence of the Borak to trick the Coalition into believing that the Hydrans had a powerful potential ally bordering their Lost Colonies region. This product includes a 56-page rulebook including all conversion data for general units to Borak service. The Borak Star League uses only phasers as direct-fire weapons, employing the mega-phaser first seen in Module P6 as its heavy weapon (rules included). It employs remote-controlled suicide fighters (armed with anti-matter bombs normally seen on suicide shuttles) as its seeking weapon of choice. A full set of annexes are included, but there are no scenarios.

Written by Stephen Cole