Star Fleet Battles: Playtest Module E2 - Triangulum Galaxy

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Beginning the exploration of this entirely new galaxy, this 62-page module includes three new empires:

  • The Helgard are from another dimension.
  • The Worlds of Unions consist of species controlled by Arachnid parasites.
  • The Mallarans broke away from the Helgards and carved their own niche.

Each empire comes with new history, weapons, and ships.

New technology includes neutronium armor, rotary shielding, battle armor for Marines, multi-purpose defenses, energy absorbers, and the blur device.

New weapons include the plasmatron, ram torpedo, proton pulse emitter, graviton beam, pulse phaser, hellfire blaster, particle shotgun, and hellblazer.

Twenty SSDs give you enough ships to start the conquest of a new galaxy.

Written by Francois Angers