Star Fleet Battles: Omega Master Rulebook 2011

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Young Warrior! You think you know Star Fleet Battles, with all of its tactical twists and turns. But you do not! To truly understand the game, you must understand all of the game, including the ships, empires, history, weapons, and tactics of the wild and unpredictable Omega Octant! Only then can you truly know Star Fleet Battles.

And to truly know the Omega Octant, you need this rulebook, which includes:

  • Every rule, chart, scenario, and ship description from all five Omega Modules.
  • PLUS an extensive Omega tactics section.
  • PLUS an updated Sequence of Play listing, including the entire Alpha Octant, the Simulators, and the Magellanic Cloud.
  • PLUS completely updated Annexes and new Master Ship, PF, and Fighter Charts.
  • PLUS all ship descriptions, rules, weapons, and scenarios for the Omega Octant that were published in Captain's Log.
  • PLUS the "lost" history section originally written for Module Omega Four.
  • PLUS each carrier as needed has an updated Escorts and Fighters Table.

This product is an updated rulebook for the five Omega Octant Modules of Star Fleet Battles. You must have SFB Basic Set and the SSD books, and counters from the Omega modules to use this material. Some material will also require Advanced Missions and other modules.

Written by Steven P. Petrick