Star Fleet Battles: Module Y3 - The Early Years III SSD Book (Color)

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The Dawn of War! Return again to the Early Years era, the wars before the wars that defined a galaxy.

This is the colorized 101-page SSD book from SFB Module Y3 covering ships from the Early Years era for the Alpha Octant empires. Included are battleships to face the Klingon B4 battleship (found in SFB Module Y2); ships from species who would form the United Federation of Planets; ships from the Paravians and Carnivons; ships from the species who would form the Inter-Stellar Concordium; as well as ships from the Klingons, Romulans, Kzintis, Gorns, Tholians, Orions, Lyrans, and WYNs.

Published in 2010, this book meets current standards including the Crawford Box with the command rating, docking points, explosion strength, and year in service.

This product provides additional ships for use in Star Fleet Battles. You must have the SFB Basic Set and Module Y1 in order to utilize this material. Some of the ships require the Advanced Missions set or the SFB Master Rulebook and Modules C1, C2, and Y2 for complete use.