Star Fleet Battles: Module S1 - Scenario Book #1

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More than 50 Scenarios!

This exciting module for Star Fleet Battles adds 51 scenarios to the SFB game system. Scenarios are the meat and potatoes of the Star Fleet Universe, the place where history is told and battles are fought. Virtually all of the scenarios in this book are reprinted from the Commander's Edition; all of these were revised to meet the Captain's Edition rules. The layout of this PDF may vary slightly from the print edition as we went back to the old files and made the book searchable.

You will find general scenarios that happened regularly in many empires through the Alpha Octant. You may have to rendezvous with a repair ship that is under attack, raid a survey camp, destroy a pirate raider, or rescue a trapped freighter. Be alert for intruders on board your ship!

There are 31 historical scenarios including the Pleiades Turkey Shoot, The Cassini Incident, Strike at Rigel IV, Mutiny on the Demonslayer, and Border Incident. Discover the history of the Star Fleet Universe!

There are monsters here, too, from the alien artifacts Igneous and Death Probe to the Energy Monster and Arastoz. Can you defeat them?

How does a frigate captain become a cruiser captain? There is a frigate captain campaign included.

We have recreated the asteroid belt map in both B&W and color. These are both included.

You must have the SFB Basic Set to use this material. Some material may require other products, including Advanced Missions, Modules C1 and C2, Module J and Module K.