Star Fleet Battles: Module R6 – The Fast Warships SSD Book (Color)

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Now in color so you can easily find various ship systems, this is the 98-page color SSD book from SFB Module R6 - The Fast Warships. It includes SSDs for five new classes of ships.

With their hot-warp engines, fast cruisers flew at speeds other ships could only imagine. However, the price was a lack of heavy weapons attack power. Heavy war destroyers were modular, multi-mission ships that could serve as carriers, scouts, commando ships, escorts, or versatile light cruisers. The thankless task of bringing replacement fighters to front-line carriers fell to the unsung, aegis-equipped fast resupply ships. The previously unknown workhorses of the galaxy, police flagships had everything a cop on the beat would need: Marines, rescue, scout, minesweeping, and repair systems. Mobile carriers were based on war destroyer hulls and were swift and deadly.

This product provides additional ships for use in Star Fleet Battles. You will need the SFB Module R6 Rulebook and the SFB Basic Set to fly the starships. Some of the ships require the Advanced Missions set or the SFB Master Rulebook.