Star Fleet Battles: Module R4T - The Tholian Will SSD Book (B&W)

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Even more Tholian ships for you to use!

This is the classic black-and-white 82-page SSD book from SFB Module R4T – The Tholian Will. It includes dozens of new Tholian ships, some from their Home Galaxy M81 and some designed and built in this galaxy. There are three broad categories:

First, there are Home Galaxy variants of ships you know and fear from the Milky Way versions seen in previous products.

Second, there is a full range of mission variants from two new hulls built in this galaxy: the Tholian Police Destroyer (two police cutter hulls welded together side by side) and the Tholian Police War Destroyer (one and a half police cutter hulls welded together end to end). These include carriers, escorts, commando ships, scouts, leaders, transports, and so many more.

Third, there are the ships the Tholians always wanted but had to do without until now! Now available is their legendary battleship in multiple refits, including carriers and stellar domination types. Find their long-missing war destroyer variants. Also included are the fast raider variants of their cruisers and destroyer. And there are many more!

This product provides additional ships for use in Star Fleet Battles. You will need the SFB Module R4T Rulebook and the SFB Basic Set to fly the starships. Some of the ships require the Advanced Missions set or the SFB Master Rulebook.