Star Fleet Battles: Module R4 Rulebook

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This 32-page rulebook has information about Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, and Inter-Stellar Concordium ships and nine scenarios. Also included are Annexes and the Master Ship Chart for this book. It is the 2002 version of the rulebook.

The scenarios are Asteroid Operations (Tholian and Klingon), Revenge of the Eagles (Federation and Romulan), Morkedian Death March (Federation and Romulan), Starhawk Rising (Gorn and Romulan), Romulan Shell Game Federation and Romulan), The Chase (Federation and Romulan), Plasmas vs. Drones (Gorn and Klingon), Romula Audacia (Romulan, Federation, and Federation fighters), and First Arrest (ISC and Gorn).

This product provides additional information about ships for use in Star Fleet Battles. You must have the SFB Basic Set in order to utilize this material. You will need SFB Module C2: New Worlds II (or the SFB Master Rulebook) to use the Hydran, Lyran, and WYN ships. Some of the ships require the Advanced Missions set or the SFB Master Rulebook.