Star Fleet Battles: Module R1 SSD Book 2023 (B&W)

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This is the classic black-and-white 80-page SSD book from SFB Module R1 covering general ships for all empires.

This book has been fully updated to the 2023 standard, including Crawford Tables, updated refit lines (including the date the refit began), advanced shuttle tables, and all known errata items. It also has the halves of the starbases on facing pages.

As a bonus, there is a file with the starbases assembled; each can be printed on 11x17 paper.

This product provides additional ships for use in Star Fleet Battles. You must have the SFB Basic Set to utilize this material. You will need SFB Module C1 (or the SFB Master Rulebook) to use the Andromedan ships. Some of the ships require the Advanced Missions set or the SFB Master Rulebook.