Star Fleet Battles: Module P6 - The Galactic Smorgasbord

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A Galactic Smorgasbord of new empires, rules, scenarios, and weapons:

  • Paravians with quantum wave torpedoes
  • Vudar with ion cannons
  • Megaphasers
  • Stonefish drones
  • High energy decelerations
  • Comets
  • Drag space
  • Hispaniolans
  • New ships for empires in Module C4 (Flivver, Delta, Britainian, Canadi'en)
  • Frax X-ships
  • Orion Rank Insignia
  • Outlines of future products
  • And a working prototype of the Star Fleet Marines ground combat game.

This product was published in 1995.

Written by Stephen Cole