Star Fleet Battles: Module G3A - Supplementary Annexes

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"I like Hydrans and you like Klingons. What's a good scenario that has them both?"

"Module G3A says 'Supply Voyage' is specifically Hydrans vs. Klingons. Let's try that one!"

Module G3A includes even more indexes and annexes to help flesh out your Star Fleet Battles "master book" series. The SFB Master Table of Contents includes the rules number and module for any rules and scenarios in the Alpha Octant that appeared in Basic Set; Advanced Missions; modules C1C4, F1, F2, J, J2, K, M, P6, R111, C, X1R, Y1, and Y2; and Captain's Logs #1-#39.

Annex #5 is an alphabetical listing of all the abbreviations used in Star Fleet Battles. Wondering what an M-SCP is? This has the answer: a monitor space control pallet.

The book also has the Carrier Escort Chart, Master Scenario Index (in order by the scenario number); Master Scenario Chronological Scenario Index; and Index of Scenarios from Omega, Magellanic Cloud, and Triangulum Galaxy. The end of the book has maps of the two halves of the Alpha Octant.