Star Fleet Battles: Module G3 - Master Annex File

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"What is this thing, Lieutenant? A Dominator?"

"Negative, Admiral, Wrong weapons configuration. Checking database now. Phasers, tractor-repulsors . . . not a Dominion. Not a Dominatrix. Not a Destructor. Got it! This thing is a Demolisher!"

Released in 2009, the Module G3 - Master Annex File includes all of the key annexes (except #5) from all of the Alpha Octant products (including the "previously missing" ISC gunboat data, now inserted at the end, along with information about Vudar and Hydran fighters) for Star Fleet Battles. It indexes Basic Set; Advanced Missions; modules C1C4, F1, F2, J, J2, K, M, P6, R111, C, X1R, Y1, and Y2; and Captain's Logs #1-#38.

Any serious player of Star Fleet Battles or the SFB Galactic Conquest campaign games needs this module. Many people have used theirs until it fell apart and have asked for an e-version. We listened to them and here it is!

Module G3 includes the Master Ship Chart, Master Fighter Chart, Master Gunboat (PF) Chart, Sequence of Play, Commander's Option Items, Data on Ships, Weapons Data, Cost of Repair Chart, Tactical Intelligence, Experience Points, Monster Data Table, Index of Play Aids, Symbols on Fighter SSDs, Mech-Link Symbols on SSDs, Shuttle Decks on Bases, Base Rotation Change Costs, Technology Timeline, Master Weapon Charts, Compilation of Convenient Charts, Damage Allocation Chart, and Impulse Chart. It also has an index to Star Fleet Battles.