Star Fleet Battles: Module E5 – North Polar Republic (Color)

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In the coreward regions of the Federation is the fiercely independent North Polar Republic. This small nation, which never became part of the Federation, was nevertheless a vital part of the Federation economy. Wealthy by galactic standards, the North Polar Republic exported not just excellent consumer products but good cheer. Their annual inventory clearance sent shiploads of free consumer products to planets all over the Federation and beyond, raising the spirits and morale of hard-working citizens.

Of course, when wealth moves, it attracts pirates, raiders, and ne'er-do-wells of all sorts. Some wanted to steal the consumer products, others just wanted to eliminate competition for their own second-class and shoddy products. To protect their commerce, the North Polar Republic built and operated a vast fleet with more cruiser types than any other nation. (These included the Sleigh-class, Tree-class, Snowflake-class, Star-class, and Gingerbread-class), the Snowman dreadnought (able to separate into three destroyer-sized Snowball ships), as well as a full range of destroyers and light cruisers including several mission variants. The North Polar Trade network operated from a series of Wreath-class bases where products were stored at distribution centers.

This product with color SSDs (to help you find ship systems easily) includes 12 new ships and 12 new scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. It also includes a PDF version of the counters. While based on a whimsical theme, the ships and scenarios are fully functional SFB material that will add a note of whimsy and even some Holiday Cheer to your deadly games.