Star Fleet Battles: Module C6 - Lost Empires SSD Book (Color)

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Wolves among the Lions
Screaming Space Birds

Star Fleet Battles: Module C6 Lost Empires covers the extinct Paravian and Carnivon empires, presented as their ships and weapons would have been by the time of the General War (except for that annoying extinction thing). Each empire is presented with multiple alternate histories, although players can ignore both and write their own if they wish.

The Carnivons might have existed as a major empire between the Lyrans and Kzintis, or they might have escaped to the WYN Cluster.

The Paravians might have survived Gorn attempts to destroy their empire and could have ended up allied to the Romulans (while the Inter-Stellar Concordium became allies of the Gorns). Alternately, they could exist as edge-of-the-map raiders.

The colorized SSD book has the following:

  • Carnivons: 55 starships, 11 fighters, 4 bombers, and 16 gunboats;
  • Paravians: 55 starships, 9 fighters, 4 bombers, 15 gunboats.

You will need the Module C6 Rulebook to fly these ships.