Star Fleet Battles: Module C5 – The Magellanic Cloud SSD Book (Color)

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Before the Andromedans tried to conquer the Alpha Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, they conquered the Magellanic Cloud and the five forces found there. Here are the SSDs for the Baduvai Imperium, the Maghadim Hives, the Eneen Protectorates, Uthiki Harmony, and the Jumokian Pirates.

See if you can defeat the dreaded Andromedan Invaders!

Now in color so you can easily find various ship systems, this SSD book covers all five of the powers found in the Magellanic Cloud. You will need the SFB Basic Set (or the SFB Master Rulebook) and the SFB Module C5 Rulebook to use this material.

This book also includes the 2011 errata appended to the end.