Star Fleet Battles: Module C5 - The Magellanic Cloud Rulebook

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Before there was Operation Unity, there was the Conquest of the Cloud!

The Lesser Magellanic Cloud is an island galaxy below the plane of the Milky Way and the primary point of the Andromedan Invasion. It was also the home of the Baduvai Imperium, the Maghadim Hives, the Eneen Protectorates, Uthiki Harmony, and the Jumokian Pirates. They shared a rich history of conflict, commerce and war, capped by a grim fight for survival when the Andromedans invaded.

You will find more than a dozen new weapons and systems from warp tuned lasers to the massive shock of charged particle accelerators to deadly mass driver missiles. These new weapons, new systems, and new sensors will provide you a new set of tactics and playstyles for Star Fleet Battles. To help you dive right in there are 10 new scenarios.

You will need the SFB Basic Set (or the SFB Master Rulebook) and one of the SFB Module C5 SSD Books to use this material.

This book also includes the 2011 errata appended to the end.

It does not include counters.