Star Fleet Battles: Module C2 – New Worlds II Rulebook

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New Enemies, New Allies, New Scenarios!

Meet the Andromedans, the Inter-Stellar Concordium, and the Neo-Tholians in this newly revised (2016) 78-page rulebook.

The Andromedans are from the M31 Galaxy and their goal is to conquer the Milky Way. No one is their ally, yet they stand a good chance of meeting their goal. They bring terrifying new technology and weapons such as power absorbers and tractor-repulsor beams. Don’t forget, they can displace themselves – or your ship!

The Inter-Stellar Concordium is a union of five species who resolved their conflicts decades ago and assumed that warp-speed space travel automatically brought peace. Then they witnessed a battle between the Gorns and Romulans. The ISC built the most powerful navy in the Alpha Octant and decided to enforce peace – by violence if necessary. Beware of their plasmatic pulsar devices!

Neo-Tholians are the second wave of Tholians to arrive in the Alpha Octant. They brought true warships with them, ships that once dominated their home galaxy. They use web casters to keep their enemies at bay.

The scenarios include A Visitor from Andromeda (Andromedan vs. Galactic power), Echelon Tactics (ISC vs. any empire), Base Busters (Andromedan vs. Galactic power), Webbed Establishment (Klingon vs. Tholian), First and Future Shock (Romulan vs. ISC), Logistics Strike (ISC vs. Andromedan), Three against Cortez (Klingon vs. Andromedan), the mini-campaign The Run for Home, and the campaign for Operation Unity.

This product provides additional rules, ship descriptions, and scenarios for use in Star Fleet Battles. You must have the SFB Basic Set in order to utilize this material. Most of the ships (sold separately in the SSD books) require the Advanced Missions set or the SFB Master Rulebook.