Star Fleet Battles: Kzinti SSD Pack #1

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When we were working on the Kzinti Master Starship Book, we discovered records for some ships that had never before been published. Six of these are included in this pack, which has the traditional B&W SSDs.

Six Star Fleet Battles SSDs for the Kzinti Hegemony, including:

  • Improved Warp-Refitted Dreadnought
  • Improved Warp-Refitted Command Cruiser
  • Improved Warp-Refitted Commando Destroyer
  • Heavy Carrier with Heavy Fighters
  • Strike Carrier with Heavy Fighters
  • Medium Carrier with Heavy Fighters

The pack also includes the ship descriptions as they appear in the Kzinti Master Starship Book, including the illustrations, the Master Ship Chart for the six ships, and counter images so you can fly them.