Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition Volume II

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Four New Star-Faring Races

  • The Hydrans
  • The Andromedans
  • The Lyrans
  • The Wyn Star Cluster

150 New Starships, including fleets for the new races. Dreadnoughts, Scouts, NCLs, Fast Patrol Ships, and Minesweepers for all races.

New Weapons, including the Type "F" Plasma Torpedo, Tractor-Repulsor Beams, Gatling Phasers, Fusion Beams, Hydran Hellbore Cannon, Lyran Expanding Sphere, Minefields and the Displacement Device.

New Battles – 3 solitaire scenarios, 6 new campaign games, and 21 other scenarios.

Included in Star Fleet Battles Volume II are:

  • H Commander's Rulebook Volume II
  • H 324 playing pieces
  • H 32-page SSD booklet

Star Fleet Battles Volume II replaces Expansions 1, 2, & 3 published previously. The rules of these expansions have been extensively revised and many new sections added.

NOTE: This product adds new play situations and rules for the Star Fleet Universe. YOU MUST HAVE Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition Volume I to use the material presented.

Written by Stephen Cole