Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition, Supplement #3

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"Sir, whatever is approaching isn't in our database. They look Lyran, but are bigger than their Interceptors."

"Lieutenant, those are the fast patrol ships, also called gunboats. We didn't realize the Lyrans were actually deploying them. Let's move out and report this to the admiral."

While the Lyrans were the first to deploy interceptors and fast patrol ships, all empires except the Federation quickly adopted them. (Conjectural versions of the fast patrol ships for the Federation are included.)

Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition, Supplement #3 includes new rules, new SSDs, new ship types (PF leaders and Interceptors), six new scenarios, and a PF campaign. Images for 216 counters are also included.

This has been scanned from the best available copy. You will need Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition Volume I to use this material. Volumes II and III will be needed for some aspects.